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Welcome to Water Skiing Direct. We are a friendly family run business based in the seaside town of Worthing in the heart of beautiful West Sussex, England. We have a great selection of water skiing gear to suit all ages and abilities and from many of the top names in the water ski industry and we are Premier Retailers for all of the brands we sell. We have hand picked all of the water ski equipment you see on this site and we are only interested in selling products that we are proud to put our name to and that we know will stand the test of time. Everything we sell comes with a full 12 month manufacturer's guarantee and to ensure that you always get the best deal we also offer a price beat guarantee on all products. If you have any questions or just need some free friendly advice then please email us and one of our friendly and knowlegable staff will be more than happy to help.

Discount O'Brien Water Skis

O'Brien Water Skis offer a fantastic selection of great quality and very keenly priced combo waterskis for the beginner / intermediate, plus a range of slalom waterskis that can take you from your first steps on a mono ski right up to a podium placement if you so wish. O’Brien have been creating great watersports products for over 50 years and they work tirelessly to design, test, manufacture, and improve each and every product they make. They also believe in pushing the sport forward, providing the newest technology and the latest manufacturing techniques to build advanced watersports products that stand the test of time.

O'Brien Water Skis UK

Discount Jobe Water Skis

Jobe Water Skis are one of the largest and most successful of all recreational water sports brands. Their mission is to simply get you on the water and they are continually evolving and developing new products to make life on the water easier and more fun. Jobe produce a great range of recreational waterskis and packages that are aimed primarily at the family user. Their skis offer surprisingly good designed and visual appeal all at very low prices. Perfect for beginners and family applications, Jobe waterskis will get you out on the water and help you on your fist steps to success.

Jobe Water Skis UK

Discount Connelly Water Skis

Connelly Water Skis are renowned for their quality and performance. They offer a wide range of water skis from those designed just for kids to their top-of-the-line tournament series. Connelly originally began producing and selling waterskis back in 1965 from a garage in Lake City, Washington. Since then, Connelly have become one of the most respected brands in the watersport industry and their commitment to excellence continues. Many of their ski designs are on the leading-edge of watersport technology and are uniquely innovative. Some of these design features have since become industry standards. All Connelly products are skillfully crafted utilizing the best that technology has to offer and their reputation and reliability for enthusiasts and beginners alike is unrivalled.

Connelly Water Skis UK

Discount Radar Water Skis

Radar Water Skis build skis with a purpose in mind. They build from the outside (shape) to the inside (materials) thinking purely about the intended user and what creates the ultimate experience for them. They believe that if they wouldn’t want to use it themselves then they won’t build it. The Radar developers and test team stand behind every single product they make because they’re used every day. Every Radar waterski is directed at customers, from the early morning skiers to the evening lake dwellers. If this is you, then Radar could be the brand for you.

Radar Water Skis UK

Discount HO Water Skis

Established in 1982, HO Water Skis (originally named after the legendary Herb O'Brien) are known for their limitless imagination and continuous innovation of their products, ideas, and expertise. Their rich history of creating industry defining technologies and revolutionary gear is fueled by their passion to do what they love. They innovate so that you can elevate your game to make every single experience on the water unforgettable.

HO Syndicate Water Skis UK

Discount Syndicate Water Skis

Syndicate Water Skis are part of HO Skis and are a collection of athletes, designers and engineers, comprised of inquisitive minds, colorful personalities and critical thinkers. They are known for their limitless imagination and continuous innovation of products & ideas. Established in the great Pacific Northwest in 1982, their deep-rooted expertise and collective love for life on the water keeps them leading the way in watersports equipment year after year. Syndicate have a rich history of creating industry defining technologies and revolutionary gear, fueled by their passion to do what they love. Make every single experience on the water unforgettable.

Syndicate Water Skis UK

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